How often will this magazine be released?

See the latest publishing schedule below.


ISSUE 1: July 2017

ISSUE 2: September 2017

ISSUE 3: October 2017

ISSUE 4: November 2017

ISSUE 5: December 2017

ISSUE 6: February/March 2018

ISSUE 7: April/May 2018

ISSUE 8: August/September 2018


How can I get a copy?

Click on the back issues page here


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Amsterican Express as well

as Paypal. We have a secure payment system to give you a peace of mind and of course 100%



Will the magazine be available digitally?

The magazine is now available digitally via


How can I submit an article for the magazine?

We welcome any contributions from collectors. Please drop us a message here and we will be in touch.


When will the magazine arrive through my letterbox?

UK readers can expect this to fall through your letterbox that week however please allow up to a week for delivery within Europe and 1-2 weeks for all other worldwide locations.


Will the magazine be available to buy from anywhere else?

The Magazine is currently available from a few retailers such as Aviation Megastore Netherlands, Crosswing in Japan and Collectors Models in Australia and SkyShop in Portugal. More retailers will be added soon. We also have presence at model fairs and shows worldwide!


Is there a Subscription?

We are currently in the process of creating a subscription service to be launched in 2019.


What manufacturers will you be covering in every issue?

We aim to cover every manufacturer that is currently active in the diecast model airliner market. These will include Gemini Jets, Gemini200, Herpa500, Aeroclassic, Phoenix, Panda, Aviation200, Aviation400, Inflight200, ARD200, JC Wings, SkyMarks, Apollo etc.


I am a retailer. Can I sell copies in my store?

Yes, all retailers looking to stock Model Airliner should contact us HERE. We will send you as many copies as you think you may need. You will pay a reduced trade price per copy.

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